Play & Learn Guidelines

Welcome to Play & LearnPlay and learn

Play and Learn caters for children between birth and five years along with their parent/carer. Please do not bring older siblings/children to the group.
During each session we will offer a range of activities including; sand or water play, paints, craft, mark making, construction area, books, puzzles as well as free play. These activities will help with your child’s development and well being. 
  • Please ensure you sign in at the beginning of each session and sign out when you leave.
  • We enjoy messy activities, so don’t forget to wear old clothes!
  • Your help with tidying up is always appreciated
  • We welcome any comments or requests for particular activities, as your skills are important to us.
  • Play & Learn values and respects different origins, cultures, religions, languages and disabilities.
  • Parents are encouraged to take an active part in Play & Learn by joining in with activities, as your skills are important for the group.
In using the Children’s Centre you agree to:
1.     Be with your child at all times and be responsible for them.
2.     Use mobile phones in emergencies only.
3.     Adhere to the Centre’s Equality & Diversity policy.
4.     Tidy up together with your child, during the session and at the end.
5.     This is a NO SMOKING environment.
6.     We have a healthy food ethos and will provide water and a healthy snack at each session. We ask that you do not bring alternative snacks which could affect others who may have allergies.
We are a Safeguarding Centre and policies to support this are adhered to.